Mikri Vigla Beach, Naxos

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Mikra Viglia Beach, Naxos, Greece
Photo: Vivoo / Adobe Stock
If you’re planning an adventurous but also relaxing vacation in Greece, we recommend you visit the Mikri Vigla beach and make the most of your holiday.

Are you planning another adventurous vacation in Europe? Do you want to spend some time relaxing and soaking up the sun but also enjoy a myriad of thrilling activities?

If the answer to all of the above is YES, then we recommend Greece as the ultimate vacation getaway. Moreover, Naxos is one of the destinations you should not miss. With so many activities to enjoy and beaches to explore, Naxos will offer you a fabulous vacation.

For the best holiday in your life, we recommend you visit Mikri Vigla beach. Why, you wonder? Not only can you go windsurfing, but enjoy fabulous food and have the time of your life. Here are some of the important facts that will guide you through your Greek vacation.

About Mikra Vigla Beach

Two wonderful sandy beaches create the gorgeous Mikri Vigla. An impressive hill separates the beach into a northern and southern beach, each of them being specific and offering a plethora of activities and possibilities for the visitors.

The northern beach of Mikri Vigla beach is majestic, with soft golden sand and crystal-clear blue waters. It is blessed by the north winds – Meltemi — characteristic for this part of Greece. The northern part of the beach is perfect for wind/kitesurfing. Here, you can find 2 good clubs where you can rent high-quality material and take windsurfing or kitesurfing courses.

The southern part of Mikri Vigla beach is an endless sandy beach bathed in stunning azure waters just waiting for you to splash inside. It is secured from the Meltemi winds, so it is one of the best spots for family holidays.

When you decide to have a refreshment or some food, you can find a typical Greek tavern on the beach too. The capital is only 12 km away from this gem of Naxos Island.

How to Get to Mikra Vigla

Sea with with shallow crystal clear sea water, Mikri Vigla beach on Naxos island, Greece
Photo: Vivoo / Adobe Stock

You can get to Mikri Vigla beach easily, regardless of where you’re staying on the island. The beach is 8.5 km away from the airport and 12 km away from the Port. If you’re arriving from Chora, you’ll have to drive 12 km to reach Mikri Vigla. The incredibly beautiful beach of Mikri Vigla on Naxos island is located 12 kilometres away from the capital and consists of two wonderful sandy beaches separated by an impressive hill.

One of the options to reach the beach includes renting a car in Naxos. This can cost €15 per day. The best thing is that you can pick it up directly from the airport, port, or your hotel.

If you decide to rent a car, you’ll create a vacation according to your needs and plans. Sit in a car and discover Mikri Vigla beach at your pace. Come and go as you please, spend as much time in one place as you want without anyone rushing you and depriving you of many enjoyments Greece has to offer.

Another transportation option is at your disposal and it involves public transport. You can easily hop on a bus by going to the central bus station on the island. You can find it at the port of Naxos. You’ll see several buses transporting passengers from Chora to Mikri Vigla during the day.

If you’re travelling from Naxos airport straight to Mikri Vigla beach, you’ll have to go either by car or transfer, since there is no bus station available at the airport. However, there is a bus station – Naxos Camp—500 meters away from the airport. To reach it, follow the road to the left after leaving the airport buildings. From Naxos Camp take the bus route Plaka – Agia Anna > Chora to Naxos central station. The bus leaves approximately every half hour during the summer season. Once you reach the central station, take the bus for Mikri Vigla.

All of you arriving from Naxos port can reach Mikri Vigla beach by bus. The bus station is located at the port of Naxos.

Things to Do

Visit the Church of Panagia Parthena

Mikri Viglia beach offers a full spectrum of activities for everyone no matter how old you are. One of the good examples could be visiting the Church of Panagia Parthena. The church is located just opposite the bay of Mikri Vigla, on the southwestern side of Naxos. On top of a small rocky islet, you’ll spot a Cycladic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The Church of Panagia Parthena is 400 meters away from Mikri Vigla village. Both the church and the islet go by the name Panagia Parthena. Every year, 40 days after Easter, on the Holy Day of the Ascension, a Holy Mass is held in the church. People travel to the church by boat from Mikri Vigla.

If you happen to be in Naxos during this time of the year, you’ll have a unique opportunity to enter the church of Panagia Parthena because it remains closed during the rest of the year.

How to get there

If you decide to visit the islet, you can access it with a private boat, canoe, choose to windsurf there, or even swim. If you happen to be in Mikri Vigla on a Feast Day of Panagia Parthena, a boat will take you and all the other visitors as it’s scheduled to transfer passengers specifically to the church on the only day of the year when it’s open.

Go kitesurfing

IKO approved kite lessons for beginner and advanced kite surfers are available at Mikra Vigla beach for everyone eager to have some fun whilst on holiday. If you don’t have equipment of your own, you can rent the equipment on the spot at the NaxosKiteLife kitesurfing school.

However, you must fulfil the conditions first and prove to the instructors that you’re a confident rider. Safety is the primary objective here, and regardless of the course you want to take, it will be tailored to your needs. This is the best way to take safe and convenient classes without putting anyone in danger.

You can find a windsurf and kitesurf Flisvos centre in Mikri Vigla and have the best kitesurfing experience. At the centre you’ll have two sports available. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, because the courses are tailored according to your budget customized to your physical abilities. Wonderful surroundings along with strong winds make Mikra Vigla beach and ideal location for surfing activities. From funboards to new rigs and rescue boats you’ll find an array of equipment ready for you to have the time of your life.

Another possibility is the Thalasea Sports Center which you can find on Parthena Beach, in the bay of Mikri Vigla. It’s located approximately 17 km southwest of Naxos Town. If you’re eager to try out the strongest winds in the Cycladic islands, this is the spot for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll have a wide variety of high-class equipment from JP and Neil Pryde Sails to help you have the ultimate surfing experience. Have you brought your kite but it turned out to be broken? Worry not because you can have a kite or windsurf repair and cleaning service right at the centre.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is one of the most important factors that can make or break your vacation vibe. It’s essential that you find reliable, clean, and private enough place to stay so that you feel comfortable and almost just the way you feel at home. For the best vacation in Naxos we recommend the following places to stay:

Coralli Beach Apartments

Are you looking for the closest possible accommodation to Mikri Vigla beach? You’ll be happy to know that Coralli Beach Apartments are only 50 meters away from this beautiful sand gem. This is a traditional complex which will provide you with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere you’ll enjoy every day of your holiday.

The moment you approach the Coralli Beach Apartments, you’ll notice the authentic architecture of the Cyclades. Its large, beautiful green garden will leave you in awe, without a doubt. If you’re bringing the kids, they’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the playground and you’ll have barbeque facilities at your disposal.

The apartments are very roomy and decorated in their own unique style. You can find handmade traditional furniture, air conditioning, TV, and a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge in every apartment. Families love to spend time here because the apartments can accommodate up to 5 people.

If you’re coming to a romantic honeymoon or a getaway for 2, you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable and spacious rooms or studios. Enjoying a morning cup of joe will be a true delight on a quiet balcony or veranda, overlooking the gardens or the ocean.

Kontos Studios and Apartments

Another uniquely decorated accommodation, that will make you feel at home features spacious studios, apartments, and bungalows. Each room is equipped with everything you need to feel comfortable during the day and night. Rooms at Kontos Studios and Apartments feature a balcony or veranda, from where you can enjoy spectacular sea view every morning whilst you sip on your morning cup of coffee.

The air conditioning system is there to cool you off when the temperatures soar, and with satellite television, you’ll never have a boring evening before you go to sleep. If you need any valuable items protected, there’s a safe deposit box in every room.

Bathrooms with shower, alongside refrigerator, oven, and hot plate in the kitchen will make your stay amazing. At Kontos Studios and Apartments in Naxos, you’ll also have available internet access, private parking area, and rent-a-car services. If you don’t feel like going out for dinner, you can have delicious traditional Greek meals at the complex’s restaurant.

Where and What to Eat

Mikri Vigla Restaurant

When you feel hungry, there’s no need to leave the marvellous Mikri Vigla beach because you can find the restaurant on the beachfront. No need to stay away from the magnificent Aegean Sea but enjoy the view and delicious food at the very Mikra Vigla beach.

You can wine and dine under a lattice roofing overhanging with vines and wildflowers. Enjoy traditional cuisine and a laid-back ambience on your Greek vacation at a very cosy restaurant. Are you craving grilled fish and other seafood? There’s no better restaurant than Mikri Vigla Restaurant for trying out the best of Greek cuisine and enjoying the tastes of the sea.

Kontos restaurant and bar

Kontos restaurant and bar is one of the top-rated restaurants in Naxos. If you’re staying outside the Kontos Studios and Apartments, you should come to their restaurant. The fact that you’ll find the complex on an elevated location on the cape, and have a fascinating look at the beautiful Aegean Sea only adds to the enjoyment. The beautiful surroundings create a fabulous ambiance everyone simply must enjoy.

Are you thinking about trying out homemade Aegean and local Naxian specialties? Kontos Studios and Apartments restaurant will offer you just that and using the freshest of ingredients to prepare all the specialities. The vegetables come from the owner’s garden, and the non- vegetarian groceries such as chicken, goat, rabbit, and sheep meat as well. Every dish you choose to try will be made using original traditional recipes.

Precisely because of that, the restaurant became insanely popular over the years. You can enjoy the homemade barrel wine and the traditional Greek “raki” or “tsipouro” at Kontos restaurant. The prices are very affordable for Naxos, and the services you’ll get.

Fun Facts

Mikra Vigla Beach, Naxos, Greece
Photo: Vivoo / Adobe Stock

The name of Mikri Vigla reveals its prior purpose. Namely, Vigla means observatory while Mikri translates as small. This implies that the beach used to be a small observatory for the islanders. Namely, the observatory was there so the people living on the island could avoid the hostile intrusions from the sea. A steep rock that separates Mikri Vigla into two smaller coves, Limanaki and Parthenos was the place where the locals used to hide and observe the seas.


Mikri Vigla is one of the most beautiful beaches on Naxos and definitely worth your visit. If you decide to spend your vacation there, make sure you choose the top-class accommodation and don’t miss out on fantastic activities you can engage in daily to make the most of your Greek holiday.