Everything You Need to Know about Voidokilia Beach in Messinia

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Voidokilia beach, Messinia, Greece
Photo: Barmalini / Adobe Stock
Enjoy breath-taking views and dip in azure blue waters at one of the most captivating spots in Greece, the stunning Voidokilia beach.

Are you looking for one of the most fascinating areas in Greece? Do you want to enjoy breath-taking views and dip in azure blue waters all vacation long? Greece is chock-full of stunning beaches and Voidokilia Bay has been recognised as a landscape of extraordinary natural beauty by the Greek government.

When you think about the most captivating spots in Greece – you cannot miss Voidokilia Beach. With its unique shape, pristine water and a plethora of surrounding attractions, this stunning beach will make you want to come back time after time. If you plan to visit it soon, check out the key points you shouldn’t miss out on.

About Voidokilia Beach

Every unique beach hides an exciting story, and Voidokilia has several to tell. One of the most fascinating facts about Voidokilia Beach is its shape. The curve of Voidokilia is shaped like a giant Greek omega, from the two rocky promontories that define the entrance of the beach. White sand, warm turquoise water, lush vegetation and a peaceful lagoon make Voidokilia beach true heaven on Earth.

The name Voidokilia originates from Voufras, which translates as “where oxen live”. However, the most obvious name most likely comes from the great curvature that forms the bay looking like an ox’s belly. Hugged by a magnificent beach of light and fine sand, this Greek vacation spot will be a true oasis of relaxation for everyone who chooses to spend their holiday in Greece.

The crystalline beach lures everyone to take a dip in the pristine blue waters. Voidokilia is nicely tucked in behind sand dunes, making it perfectly safeguarded and prolonging its magic beauty. The beach is situated beneath the Old Frankish castle Paliokastro and the cave of King Nestor.

Do you want to spend a day marvelling at the breath-taking panoramas? Take the path up from Voidokilia to the Old Navarino castle and be amazed by the Divari lagoon of Gialova, Navarino Bay and the Peloponnesian hills shining with green olive sparkle coming from all the olive trees that grow in the area. In the lagoon of Gialova, you’ll have a chance to watch the lagoon’s birdlife, and witness one of Europe’s most important wetland’s beauties.

How to get there

Voidokia Beach, Greece
Photo: Giovanni Rinaldi / Adobe Stock

Voidokolila beach is situated at 12 km from the city of Pylos in the north of the Navarino bay. It is far away enough to keep its authenticity and not become ruined by civilization! If you’re travelling to Athens first, you’ll need to take either public transportation from Athens to Messinia or rent a car. If you take the bus to Messinia, you’ll need additional transportation to Voidokilia Beach. Renting a car in Athens Airport and driving to the area yourself would be the most convenient option. It will only take about 2 and a half hours to arrive in Messinia from Athens by car.

You can reach the bay from the village of too Petrochori. The location of the beach is remote, the road to reach the place is very narrow and requires attention and patient driving, especially during busy summer months (July- August). When you decide to visit Voidokilia, we suggest you drive there. Start by following the Petrochori way. As you move on the road from south-Pylos to Gargaliani you’ll pass Gialova.

After several kilometres, you should turn left at the sign for Petrochori / Voidokilia (Koryfasion junction). You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a slightly winding drive through olive trees before you arrive at a small junction. You should turn left and continue straight to the beach, over the dirt road. The road in some places is very narrow and requires attention, especially during the busy summer months. All you need to do next is step out of the car, find your place on the beach and start enjoying this spectacular location.

Where to stay

When it comes to accommodation options near Voidokilia beach, the choices are rather vast. Whether you’re a fan of resorts, villas, private accommodation options or a hotel – you’ll be able to choose from a variety of choices.

Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort to offer you only the utmost luxury and relaxation? If your answer is Yes, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Zoe Seaside Resort. A 3-star resort offers you top-class accommodation, a restaurant, a bar/lounge, and a coffee shop/café all in one place. With a seasonal outdoor pool, laundry facilities, and a garden onsite, you’ll practically have a home away from home to have a carefree vacation.

For those wanting more privacy, vacation homes are a much better option. If you’re travelling in a large group and you ant everyone to be together in the same home, consider looking for vacation homes that will fit the entire group. This way you’ll be your own boss, not having to worry about what time you want to go for breakfast, or if you’ll skip a meal that you’ve already paid when booking the holiday.

Staying away from prying eyes will give you the chance to enjoy the vacation to the fullest and not have to socialize with strangers if that’s not your stronger suit anyways.

Things to do

Fortress Paleokastro, Greece. View on Navarino Bay
Photo: Elgreko / Adobe Stock

Upon arriving at awe-inspiring Voidokilia beach there’s an array of activities for everyone to enjoy. You’re certainly not to miss swimming in crystal clear waters as you admire the wonderful scenery that surrounds you. For those who love diving, we suggest you go to the north side rock. Snorkelling by the side of the rocks will be very thrilling.

If you’re not staying close to the beach and you have some money to splurge, think about sailing to this jaw-dropping beach and enjoy all of its wonders from the deck.

When you’re done enjoying the turquoise waters, hiking is the next great option. Since dunes surround the beach, you should use the opportunity to explore some history. Think about mixing hiking with medium climbing. Also, on the south side right above the beach, you can see King Nestor’s Cave and the ruins of Old Navarino Castle (Paleokastro). The fortress Paleocastro is located at the ancient city of Aptera. Its walls were 3 meters high and a wide road was connecting Paleocastro with the sea.

During the 16th century conquers of pirate Barbarossa the fortress and the settlement were nearly completely destroyed. After Sultan Selim’s complete destruction of the fortress, only small parts of the fortress remained to be seen today. This can be one of the amazing adventures to go to during your Voidokilia beach trip.

The panorama views of Lagoon, Navarino Gulf and the endless ‘ocean’ of olive groves will take your breath away. For everyone who loves to enjoy some skinny dipping and soaking up the sun in their birthday suit, they can find a serene hidden nudist Glossa beach, across the small stream at the parking area.

Where and what to eat

If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to know all about the exquisite cuisine of this part of Europe. Greek food is very unique and you can find an array of lovely restaurants nearby. From gyros to souvlaki and all sorts of seafood, you’ll definitely never be hungry in Greece. Whether you’re more of a Mediterranean food aficionado, or you prefer Italian, or maybe simple seafood, the rea around Voidokilia beach has it all.

Just over 1 kilometre away from the beach you can find a fabulous 4 Thalasses Beach Bar& Cocktails Lounge. When you’re done exploring the beach, it’s lagoons and all the natural wealth, you can relax and enjoy a fabulous bar and lounge. The establishment resembles a nicely-decorated island and offers all the enjoyment you need. If you want quality food and refreshing beverages at fair prices, all with the wonderful view and ambience – this is the place for you.

Elia Restaurant is another great choice of exquisite restaurants to visit if you don’t mind crossing about 4 kilometres to taste some delicious food. With the option of having your dinner or lunch outside, practically 2 feet away from the sea, paints a picture of a dream-like setting that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re in the mood for a variety of Mediterranean, seafood or maybe just indulge a tall glass of beer – they have the best food for everyone’s palate. You won’t have worry even if you’re on a special food regimen because Elia Restaurant offers a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan and many other meals.

2,7 km away from Voidokilia Beach you’ll find another amazing place to eat – Katerina’s Tavern Restaurant. Right in the middle of the olive field, you can find the friendliest tavern in this part of Greece. Thanks to very kind personnel and kind waiters, your dinning will be beyond exceptional. Wit a variety of fresh fish, grilled meat and o many other food choices, everyone will find their best pick o the menu.

Fun facts

Did you know that Voidokilia beach is one of the most spectacular geological formations on Earth? You wouldn’t be able to find such an archaeological gem anywhere else in the world. Considering that the area is of great archaeological interest, it remains intact by civilization year in year out. The sheltered bay is referred to in Homer’s Odyssey and archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a port in ancient times. This coastline together with all the wetlands of Divari lagoon has been designated as a European Ecological Natura 2000 Site.

Peak season is from the beginning of July until the end of August when you should expect to see chock-full of tourists everywhere. Everybody will rush to Voidokilia to admire its beauties and enjoy the azure waters along with the beauty of the landscape. For all the camping lovers, this beach might not be the best choice because free camping is not allowed in this area. Due to significant biodiversity, campers are still not welcome to this beach and considering this has been designated as a European Ecological Natura 2000 Site, it’s most likely going to stay a no-camping location for years to come.

Also, the Gialova lagoon is located right next to the Voidokilia beach. It constitutes the southernmost migratory station of migratory birds in the Balkans to and from Africa. This means that it is considered to be one of the most important wetlands in Europe. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be happy to know that the lagoon is home to a vast number of 254 types of birds such as herons, cormorants, kestrels, seagulls, flamingos, ospreys, imperial eagles and many others.

If you don’t bring enough snacks with you, you’ll be able to find the closest mini shop 1.5km away from the beach. When we talk about the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Greece, Voidokilia definitely reaches the top 10. It’s also one of the most famous beaches in Messinia.

This natural bay radiates unique beauty thanks to the fine white sand which covers a wide area, from side to side of the beach. The water is calm, turquoise and exotic. At the other side of Voidokilia over the hill, allegedly lies a vaulted tomb attributed to Thrasymedes, son of Nestor.

Visit Voidokilia Beach

Travelling to Greece will always be a unique and unforgettable experience. The country with such a rich history and culture will offer you memories for a lifetime. From awe-inspiring beaches, pristine waters to majestic nature, Greece has always been one of the most popular European vacation destinations. If you decide to start touring its beaches, make Voidokilia one of your top choices. Not only will you have a wonderful sun tanning session, but you’ll also be able to make the most of the sea and swim, dive, snorkel and splash around all day long. Thanks to a variety of restaurants and bars, no visitor will stay hungry and parched for too long. No matter the food you enjoy, Greek restaurants have it all and will always make sure you want to come back to their establishment.