Porto Katsiki – Traveling to Lefkada

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Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada, Greece
Photo: Wabeno / Adobe Stock
Are you looking for the most popular beach in Lefkada? Porto Katsiki is the beach to visit and enjoy a thrilling vacation with the rest of the family.

Traveling to Lefkada: All You Need to Know About the Queen of All the Beaches – Porto Katsiki

If you’re planning a vacation in Lefkada, you cannot miss visiting Porto Katsiki beach. This gem of Lefkada has been attracting tourists from all over the world and you should visit it too. Whether you want to soak up the sun, sail, snorkel, or just take beautiful photos for your social media accounts, Porto Katsiki will leave you breathless.

About Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada, Greece
Photo: Balate Dorin / Adobe Stock

When we talk about the biggest attractions in Lefkada, we cannot miss mentioning Porto Katsiki beach. Moreover, it is among the top beaches in both Greece and in the Mediterranean. The beach is 44 km away from the island’s capital, and more precisely, it’s on the southwest close to Athani village. When you step on the beach, you won’t be able to ignore all the natural beauty of Porto Katsiki.

Something that Lefkada is widely known for are abrupt white cliffs, which will create a spectacular backdrop that mixes in fabulously with the azure Ionian Sea. You’ll also see lush vegetation growing around the beach, creating a Zen-like ambiance for everyone yearning some tranquility while on vacation.

Getting there

Even though Lefkada is an island, it is well-connected to the mainland. Thanks to the bridge connecting the two lands, you can easily access Lefkada by car. If you’re going to Porto Katsiki from Lefkada Town, you’ll have to prepare for a 44-km long drive. Using private transfers is another option. Book your transfer online and get yourself a taxi, minibus, or private VIP car. You can have the vehicle pick you up directly from Aktion/Preveza airport or your hotel.

Car rental is another option. That is especially convenient for everyone who wants to create their own timetable and explore the island to their heart’s desire. This option will cost 14 euros per day, at least. Conveniently enough, you can pick your rental directly from the Aktion/Preveza airport or your hotel.

Finally, if you don’t want to use a car or hire private transfers, there’s an option of reaching Porto Katasiki and Lefkada by a sea bus or a boat. If you are traveling from Vassiliki port to Porto Katsiki, you’ll be there in one hour and a half if you choose a boat transfer.

Weather conditions

Traveling to Porto Katsiki can sometimes be challenging if the weather conditions are not the best. Furthermore, the roads in Lefkada are not the best, so traveling by car can also be a difficult task for less experienced drivers. Namely, if you decide to rent a private boat, don’t forget to check if the weather forecast predicts windy weather.

Too many waves may cause the captain to refuse to sail on dangerous weather, so you should make sure you get the service provided for your money before you start the sail.

If you’re staying far away from the Porto Katsiki you can go on an excursion that will allow you to spend a few hours in Porto Katsiki. However, if you do choose that option, make sure you know how long you will stay on the beaches and if you are going to stay at the beach at all or just pass by. Some excursions don’t plan for the group to go to the beach but solely observe it from the boat.

Alternatively, you can have about half an hour free to take a few snaps and move on. Either of the options would not allow you to make the most of your Port Katsiki experience. Therefore, it would be better if you planned for the trip by yourself. Also, if you decide to take any of the offered excursions, do not agree to the first offered price. Even though you may not be accustomed to bargaining over the price, it is very much wanted and supported on Lefkada.

Activities to do

Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada island, Greece
Photo: Balate Dorin / Adobe Stock

This is one of the best beaches for everyone who just wants to lay around and do nothing but sunbathe. However, if you’re looking for more excitement, you can also do an array of beach and water activities. From swimming to body-boarding and sailing, Porto Katsiki will offer you unforgettable memories.

You can even surf at the beach if the weather is appropriate. You should probably avoid snorkeling because of the soft limestone rocks, which will make it difficult to see beyond one or two meters beyond your mask. An important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need your own gear and equipment for water activities.

There is also the option of going on a tour to Lefkada from other parts of Greece. During the tour, you can choose to go to beaches such as Porto Katsiki, Gialos, Avali, and many others. You’ll be picked up and have the entire day to swim and enjoy at the beach. At noon you can choose to modify the tour and possibly go to some other beaches.

Where to stay

Libre Studios

The choice of accommodation can make or break your vacation, so you must choose wisely. You won’t find accommodation in the very vicinity of the Porto Katsiki beach, so you should look for the next closest option. Libre Studios is located on the western side of Lefkada, 13 km away from Lefkada Town. It’s located north from the Porto Katsiki. The Studios feature comfortable and cozy rooms offering all the essential facilities for a relaxing vacation.

From bathroom with shower to sofa beds and satellite TV, the studios will make you feel like you’re at home away from home. If you want to have some meals at the apartment a few times, you’ll have a kitchenette with a refrigerator and all the necessary appliances at your disposal. Everything from an oven to a hot plate, coffee machine, and sandwich grill, you’ll be able to prepare a delicious meal for you and your family.

When you don’t want to go to the beach, you’ll have a swimming pool for adults and one for children, alongside a pool bar and indoor bar to offer you all the relaxation you need. Another great option is a safe deposit box service to keep all of your precious belongings safe at all times.

Blue White House Studios

Another splendid choice of accommodation includes Blue White House Studios. Also, not very close to Porto Katsiki but still close enough to other lovely places on Lefkada, the studios are located in a tranquil area perfect for everyone who wants to avoid the hustle and bustle of the cities. You’ll have the perfect balcony view from every room.

You’ll also have the convenience of a private bathroom with a shower. Don’t worry about the heat because all the accommodations in Lefkada have air conditioning. If you’re traveling with a baby, you’ll have a baby cot available too.

Where and what to eat

When you want to wine and dine in style, head down to Bilvi cafe – restaurant. The establishment is located in Porto Katsiki, and you’ll be completely blown away by the fascinating landscape that surrounds the café-restaurant. From whitewashed cliff to the greenest surroundings in Lefkada, you’ll be enchanted by all the colors. On top of deluxe service and so many tasty food choices, this restaurant also offers free pool, free parking, and free camping.

Are you maybe thinking about using the sunlight to your advantage to get that sun-kissed look and you want to have your meal at the beach? No problem, because Bilvi café-restaurant will deliver your favorite food at the beach for free. From tuna salad to chicken nuggets and chocolate souffle with ice cream, you can enjoy delicious food while soaking up the sun, never breaking your relaxation pattern.

Final thoughts

Going to Lefkada will be a dream come true for everyone looking to relax and do a few water activities. Porto Katsiki will, without a doubt, make you want to go back to Lefkada and explore more of it on your next holiday.