10 Best Beaches in Greece

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Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece
Photo: Pkazmierczak / Adobe Stock
If you’re searching for a serene getaway, look no further. Discover some of the best beaches in Crete, Naxos, Kefalonia and have the time of your life in Greece.

Greece has been one of the favourite European travelling destinations for years. Whether you decide to visit it during summer or winter months, you can enjoy all the sights, beaches and lovely vacation locations all year long. If you’re contemplating your Greek vacation in the following months, you’ll certainly want to know more about the lovely beaches in this fabulous European destination.

From the Eagan coast to the Ionian Sea, Greece has a myriad of fantastic beaches for you to visit and soak up the sun during your holiday. We have selected the top 10 unmissable beaches that should be on your list when you decide to visit this jewel of the European coast.

Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Voidokia Beach, Greece
Photo: Giovanni Rinaldi / Adobe Stock

Are you always looking to discover new areas of the land and see all the wonders of the world in person? If so, Voidokilia Beach will be a sight for sore eyes. Being a natural, semi-circular strip of dunes, this Greek beach majestically forms Gialova Lagoon to a certain extent. Its flawlessly round shape, fine golden sand and shallow turquoise sea make Voidokilla one of the favourite holiday getaways for people around the world. A thirteenth-century Frankish castle, which was built on the ruins of classical Pylos, is located at the southern part of the beach. This can be a lovely sightseeing option for all history lovers.

If you’re a naturalist, you’ll be happy to know that you can find a nudist area on the south end of the beach. If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the surrounding lagoon and bird sanctuary, made sure Voidokilia Beach gets the prestige title. You can find this gorgeous beach in the southwest region of mainland Greece, about 30 minutes from Pylos, the largest town in the area.

Tourists who choose to stay in Athens can easily reach the beach by bus. You can get regular lines to Kalamata every three hours. Once you reach the location, hop on another bus or grab a taxi to reach Voidokilia Beach.

To make the best Instagram-worthy photos, head to the Old Navarino Castle perched on a rocky hill on the southern end of the beach. After only a few steep climbs you’ll reach the marvellous viewpoint that stretches across the wetlands and Navarino Bay towards the seaside towns of Gialova and Pylos. It will definitely be worthwhile.

Sarakiniko, Milos

White chalk cliffs in Sarakiniko, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece.
Photo: Gatsi / Adobe Stock

Greece is so wonderful and unique that it offers a full spectrum of fabulous beaches. If you want to experience a truly wonderful scenery and once-in-a-lifetime beach experience, we suggest you go to Milos. The Sarakiniko beach is located on the north side of Milos. Its unique look gives it a lunar-like vibe. The boulder is polished and bright white due to its volcanic rock formation, offering you a true North Pole-like vibe.

However, you’ll feel much warmer and ready to splash in the tiny cove of turquoise waters. This is one of the top Greek beaches for families. Giving you the chance to enjoy sunbathing on the rocks whilst marvelling at the white volcanic rock formations, Sarakiniko should definitely be one of the top choices for your Greek summer vacation.

Red Beach, Santorini

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece
Photo: Klemen / Adobe Stock

Santorini has been known for its lavish nightlife offer and a prime destination for party people. While it’s not home to ubiquitous gold, sandy beaches, Santorini’s beaches still manage to attract a plethora of tourists year in year out.

To offer yourself a unique beach experience, we recommend you go to Red Beach. Filled with black and red volcanic pebbles along the shoreline, this beach will be a true delight for everyone. After taking a 6.4-mile drive from the port, you’ll reach an unorganized beach, with no sunbeds or facilities to cramp the sunbathing area. You’ll have to take a short walk down to the beach as you park your vehicle on the parking which overlooks the beach from a hill. If you’re ravelling during peak season, expect to share the beach with a vast number of other visitors.

Since it’ very popular and unique, we suggest you pay a visit to Red Beach off-season, or just admire its beauties from the boat.

Mikri Vigla, Naxos

Mikra Viglia Beach, Naxos, Greece
Photo: Vivoo / Adobe Stock

When you say kiting and windsurfing, we say Mikri Vigla. This beach in Naxos has been widely known for its cool vibe and relaxed stride among all the action-loving patrons. Water lovers from all over the world come to this beach to camp among the sand dunes and make the most of the water sports. The mentioned activities take place in the northern part of the Naxiot sandy beach, so if you’re travelling with kids, we suggest you take the southern part behind the hill.

Myrtos, Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece
Photo: Pkazmierczak / Adobe Stock

One of the famous Greek beaches is by far Myrthos beach in Kefalonia. If you’ve watched Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, you couldn’t have missed the beautiful beach playing a starring role in the movie. The beach is located beach between Assos and Argostoli, 30 kilometres north of the main town Argostoli. More importantly, it is easily accessible by all means of transport.

If you decide to stay in Argostoli, you can reach the beach by bus since the busses leave regularly from the city. After a 1h 20minutes long ride, you’ll reach a true gem of Kefalonia – Myrtos Beach.

Everyone hunting for some stunning views will be in awe when they climb the peninsula to the north of Myrtos beach. Thanks to its high surrounding hills and beautiful turquoise waters, going to Myrtos Beach will certainly offer you memories for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous romantic setting for you and your sweetheart, this westward facing beach will be the perfect spot. When you decide to travel to Kefalonia, put Myrtos Beach on the highest place on your to-go-to list.

St Paul’s Bay, Rhodes

St. Pauls Bay, Rhodes, Greece
Photo: Lubos K / Adobe Stock

Have you always wanted to visit one of the most iconic Greek islands? If you’re planning your visit as we speak, put St Paul’s Bay on the top of your list. You won’t find a more picturesque location on Rhodes, for sure. According to the belief, this part of the island is the place where the Apostle Paul landed during a heavy storm.

All the happy couples who’re planning to tie the know in Greece can make their nuptials even more spectacular by saying their I dos in a small church built on the hill. The stunning scenery around the bay will offer an astounding backdrop for your wedding photos and create an atmosphere to remember.

St Paul’s Bay is also one of the best swimming locations on the Island of Rhodes. Being embraced by the arms of the cove, you can enjoy the azure blue waters for hours. If you decide to explore the bay, you’ll find two beaches from which one is located on the southern shore and is made of golden sand. The smaller beach laying on the northern shore is a mix of sand and gravel, and can also be a lovely spot for you to soak up the sun and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Greece is also a popular destination for all water sports lovers. Visiting Rhodes will offer you an array of water adventures including snorkelling and diving. The calm waters ensure your kids will be safe and able to splash around the sea freely. August is the most crowded month in Rhodes, so if you don’t like to be surrounded by people, feel free to visit St Paul’s Bay during any other month.

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada, Greece
Photo: Wabeno / Adobe Stock

If we hop to the Ionian islands, along Greece’s west coast, we’ll encounter Lefkada. While Kefalonia and Zakynthos take centre stage in this chain, the smaller (but not less beautiful) island of Lefkada offers just as much fun and attractions as any other Greek island. Being less busy and more traditional Lefkada will offer you an array of sightseeing options but also a myriad of stunning beaches to enjoy.

When we talk about the must-see beaches in Lefkada we cannot skip Porto Katsiki. The pristine blue waters in combination with ragged white cliffs, showcase Lefkada in its full glory. Jaw-dropping backdrop together with lush vegetation paints a picture of a truly idyllic landscape, worthy of everyone’s camera.

If you’re a fan of architecture, you’ll have the chance to marvel at multi-coloured neoclassical style houses from this astounding beach. The island’s capital, Lefkada Town, is located 27 miles from Porto Katsiki, so you’ll need to drive to the stunning beach.

You’ll find a parking lot above the beach and even if you have mobility issues, you won’t have to worry. The steps will lead you right to the beach and the lack of steep routes will offer you a great chance to reach the sand without any issues.

Kyra Panagia, Karpathos

Kyra Panagia, Karpathos, Greece
Photo: Freesurf / Adobe Stock

For all of you yearning for some sunbathing away from prying eyes, Kyra Panagia will be the best choice. The beach is located on the eastern side of Karpathos island, and it’s a wonderful amalgamation of exotic blue waters and the fine sand. However, even though it’s very secluded, few umbrellas and sunbeds will be available for you to relax.

If all you want to do is swim in the gorgeous sapphire blue waters, while marvelling at a striking mountain backdrop, set off to this gem of Karpathos island. You can easily reach it by car, motorbike or boat from Pigadia.

Vai Beach, Crete

Vai Beach, Crete, Greece
Photo: Gatsi / Adobe Stock

Greek islands are one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and its largest island Crete offers some of the most marvellous beaches. With its 3,190 square miles, Crete is a true fusion of stunning scenery and fabulous beaches. When you decide to explore the island, head to Vai Beach to enjoy some of the most wonderful beaches in Greece.

Being located in the east part of Crete, 58 miles east of the major fishing town of Agios Nikolaos, Vai Beach can be easily accessed by car. Thanks to its warm, shallow waters and soft sands, you’ll make the most of your holiday in Greece. Add top facilities such as sunbeds and palmed umbrellas, to it and you’ve got a paradise on Earth right in Crete.

Surrounded by a 97-square-mile date palm forest with over 5,000 trees, Vai will look like the greatest tropical island beach in this part of Europe.

You can visit Crete all year round as it offers an excellent climate throughout all of the 12 months. With temperatures not exceeding 68 degrees Fahrenheit in October, for example, you can make your autumn fabulous in Greece. When in Crete, don’t miss a chance to visit Mount Ida — reputed to be the birthplace of Zeus.

Koukounaries, Skiathos

Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Photo: Dave0992 / Adobe Stock

Skiathos is can proudly present its visitors some of the best beaches in Greece. Koukounaries is just one of the Greek Island’s spectacular stretches of sand that can offer a fantastic vacation for an entire family. You can find Koukounaries on the southwestern corner of Skiathos, being able to reach it by a local bus that circles the island for most of the day.

The fine white sand and fragrant pine forest make this beach true heaven on earth. Since the 1960’s the island has been a protected reserve, turning this part of Greece into an unspoiled sanctuary of the Mediterranean. The crystal-clear waters of the lagoon offer the ultimate swimming sanctuary.

Whether you want to enjoy water sports or dwell in nature walks through the pine forest, Koukounaries has it all. The region around the beach offers an array of restaurants, beach hotels and bars, making this beach tourist heaven. Not only is this one of the most beautiful beaches on Skiathos, but in all Greece too.


From sirtaki to souvlaki, Greece is the land of heart-warming people, delicious food but stunning beaches as well. When you start planning for your next European vacation, put Greece on top of your list and explore some of the most beautiful beaches. No matter which beach from the list you choose, an unforgettable vacation will be guaranteed.